Some of our staff go on to launch to a ministry assignment overseas. However, some stay behind and fulfill the vital roles our organization has stateside. One stateside role is stateside field teams, mostly located on college campuses, working to mobilize believers and recruit more qualified mobilizers to join staff. The other stateside roles are the various departments located in our headquarters (refer to Season:Onboarding). Each of these roles is unique and valuable to the overall vision and mission of the CMM. These teams and individuals are far removed from the “front lines of ministry,” but they are truly the fuel and foundation for all that the CMM does. Because the staff in these roles stay in their home culture, much of what they experience is different than those that launch overseas. However, there are still specific ways in which you, the sender, can intentionally support them in their ministry.

What does this season look like?

  • Potentially relocating to the location of a field team or the HQ
  • Settling into a new role
  • Receiving on the job training
  • Supporting the work of overseas teams through the various departments
  • Ministering and mobilizing on college campuses
  • Creating resources for our ministry


What are common emotions of this season?

During this season, it is common to feel a range of emotions. These emotions can often feel in contrast to one another and your person may be feeling some or all of these emotions at the same time. 

    • Finally getting to do the work that they anticipated during support raising is very exciting
    • Often stateside staff have very unique roles that allow their specific gifts and talents shine. Getting to use these gifts to serve God’s Kingdom is an amazing thing
    • Being a part of what God is doing globally in their everyday job is a gift
    • Entering a new role, learning a new skill/job can be difficult 
    • Wondering whether their job/role is really impacting the Kingdom can cause anxiety, especially when sharing about their job to supporters
    • Feeling like they are not doing enough because they are not on the “front lines” of ministry
    • Because stateside staff often do similar jobs to those in secular companies, they can feel unworthy of support raising receiving their wages from the gifts of supporters

Thoughts from our staff:

“While stateside, I had a firsthand experience of watching our stateside HQ staff working. I was so challenged by how faithful, diligent, excellent, and professional they were in their work. And all of this work was on behalf of me and other field staff members. They are truly servant-hearted and laboring for God’s Kingdom even though they are not on the front lines. It inspired me to work just as hard—if not harder—to do my part in God’s global purpose.” —Chris, overseas field staff

How can I pray during this season?

  • Pray for the staff to remember the end goal, that God would be glorified by all nations, as they work stateside
  • Pray that they would see the way God has uniquely gifted them to serve Him in this role
  • Pray that they would be diligent in their work 
  • Pray that God would allow them to see how their important role is impacting the kingdom!
  • Pray they would be fully invested in the lives of the unreached and it wouldn’t be something that ends when they leave the office

How else can I offer support?

Because of the unique nature of a stateside staff’s role, they may often feel like they shouldn’t need support or that they should be able to do things on their own. However, this is not true or healthy. You, as the sender, have a unique opportunity to encourage and support the backbone of the ministry by supporting stateside workers.

  • Remind them of the truth that their role is valuable and vital
  • Invite them over for dinner to share about their ministry and/or projects on which they are working
  • Ask them about the specific projects they are working on and how you can pray for those specific projects
  • Read and respond to ministry updates letting them know you are invested in their work and praying for them
  • Remember that they are still doing ministry and learn about what their specific role is and how it contributes to the whole ministry
  • Often stateside staff are skilled workers who could be out working for secular companies. If you are from a similar field of work, share experiences and talk about projects. Learn from one another.
  • “The legs can’t do anything without the arms and fingers and neck. So go out today and find your nearest missionary accountant or counselor or MK teacher. Join their support team. Encourage them in their pursuit of their calling. Affirm their value.” (taken from article below, In Defense of 2nd Class Missionaries)

Helpful truths and Scripture for this season:

*Reminding your person of God’s truth and promises is the best way to support and care for your person. As you pray and listen to them, ask God for His words to share with them. These are some helpful places to start.

  • Romans 16:1-15 – A list of the people who supported in various ways and labored with Paul for the gospel
  • Ephesians 4:11-16
  • “We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.” —Romans 12:5-6
  • “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many they form one body. So it is with Christ.” —1 Corinthians 12:12 (see verses 4-12)
  • “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” —Colossians 3:17   

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