Support raising is the season in which new staff members are building their team of ministry partners. Ministry partners are people who commit to coming alongside the staff. This partnership encompasses many forms such as prayer, emotional support, and/or financial support. Since CMM staff work in ministry full time, they are not able to have outside jobs, and therefore raise full financial support to cover their living costs. Ultimately, this season is about God’s people connecting God’s resources to God’s work.

 What does this season look like?

  • Attending Support Raising Solutions Bootcamp
  • Reaching out to potential ministry partners to schedule appointments to share about their ministry vision and financial goals
  • Ideally, support raising is a full-time job consisting of scheduling meetings, having 10+ meetings per week, following up with contacts, etc.
  • This season usually lasts three to six months, depending on their ability to commit, either part time or full time.
  • Support is both monthly (salary) and a one-time launch fund (moving costs, visa/passport costs, pre-field training, etc.)

What are common emotions of this season?

During this season, it is common to feel a range of emotions. These emotions can often feel in contrast to one another and your person may be feeling some or all of these emotions at the same time. 

    • Being one step closer to their new role can be encouraging and ultimately energizing for your person to get started.
    • Meeting with people to share their vision and goals can ignite a passion and energy for that which God has called them.
    • There are many logistics and details that need to be managed during this season that can often feel overwhelming.
    • Having multiple similar interactions vulnerably sharing their hearts and financial needs can be tiring.
    • During this season, your person may feel confident that God will meet their needs and provide.
    • Continuously sharing their vision and ministry can create confidence in God’s calling.
    • Often people can be unresponsive, unable or unwilling to support, or perhaps even discouraging about this process and/or the ministry.
    • During difficult or slow weeks, it is common to doubt God’s call on their life.

Thoughts from our staff:

“Wow, what a difference it makes when a person celebrates the opportunity to partner with missionaries! I am so thankful for our supporters who say yes with joy and check in with us about ministry. It feels like true partnership and we are so grateful for those who are invested with their hearts and prayers and not just their checkbooks.” —Jenny, stateside field staff

How can I pray during this season?

  • Pray for freedom from shame about asking for money and for confidence in God’s provision
  • Pray for protection from the lies of the enemy on their identity 
  • Pray for Sabbath rest to remember that God is in control
  • Pray for physical health to be able to raise support full-time
  • Pray for divine appointments and connections and opportunities to minister to those with whom they meet
  • Pray for favor in raising support

How else can I offer support?

  • Consider financially supporting them yourself and keep in contact about their needs and how you can contribute to their financial goals
  • Keep in regular contact with your person by sending a handwritten note of encouragement, text messages, phone calls, etc.
  • Send a care package or drop off a small gift or meal
  • Offer to watch their children during a support appointment
  • Invite them to share their ministry vision and financial goals at your Bible studies, community groups, etc.
  • Host a dinner with some of your friends you think may be interested in hearing about the ministry
  • Talk about and refer friends to the ministry of your CMM partner

Helpful truths and Scripture for this season:

*Reminding your person of God’s truth and promises is the best way to support and care for your person. As you pray and listen to them, ask God for His Words to share with them. These are some helpful places to start.

  • “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” —2 Corinthians 10:9
  • “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” —Psalm 127:1

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