What are my first steps?
First fill out the application. Because there are a limited amount of available spots on this project, there will be a selection process. If you are accepted for the trip we will get all the promotional and support raising material you need so you can begin raising funds.
Where is Nairobi?
Nairobi is the capital of Kenya in East Africa. It has about three million people and is one of the most prominent cities in Africa, both politically and financially. Kenya has a great relationship with the West. Americans and Europeans are welcomed and a myriad of Western businesses and mission organizations make Nairobi their African headquarters.
Is there Ebola in Nairobi?
No. As of 12.2.2014 there are no cases of someone with the Ebola virus in Nairobi or in Kenya. The Kenyan government has put strong measures in place to prevent and contain any outbreak. We will continue to monitor the situation.
Is Nairobi Safe?

Safety is an understandable concern in Kenya. In general, Nairobi is just as safe as or safer than New York or any other major world city. Like them, you need to avoid certain parts of town at night and Nairobi continues to be a major tourist attraction for Americans and Europeans.

Almost all of the security issues that have happened in Kenya were hundreds of miles from where our team will be. At the same time there is always the possibility of danger. The CMM, and a multitude of other Western organization, continues to have a team that live in Nairobi and understands the situation thoroughly.

Participants are living and working in safe parts of Nairobi under the care of our team and Kenyan pastors. Participants will always travel together and be with Kenyans and our resident missionaries the whole time. Our missionaries have gone through extensive safety training and planning. They are well equipped in case a difficult situation arises.

Safety is always a concern and remains a situation we are constantly monitoring both from the USA and by our missionaries in country.

How much will this cost and what does it include?
The total cost is $5,000. Though most of our costs are not yet fixed, we are working hard to make sure the total cost will not exceed this amount. This includes airfare, housing, food, in-country transportation, some fun activities, and materials.
How can I pay for this?

You can pay for this trip outright, raise support, or a combination of those two, but we strongly encourage everyone to consider raising support for the summer project for several reasons. Most importantly, support raising allows more people to be involved in God’s work, as they receive the blessing of investing in the ministry. Every person you speak to about your summer project is an opportunity to mobilize them by casting a vision of what God is doing around the world. You may be the only person to ever tell them about unreached people groups, the amazing potential to mobilize the African church, or you may be the spark of a journey for them to be more engaged in global missions.

We will equip and coach anyone wanting to raise support with the biblical case for raising support, practical helps, and personal coaching. All gifts are tax deductible and non-refundable, and they may give through our website by credit/debit card, eCheck, or mail in a check.

Support Raising Helps
We provide biblical teaching and a relational approach to support raising. Some of the training and resources  you can expect are:

  • A practical guide to support raising for a summer project
  • 5 Keys to Successful Support Raising
  • Bible Studies on support raising
  • Promotional Material to help explain what you will be doing
  • Personal and Video based training
  • Sample Support Raising Letter
  • A Giving Card to hand out
When do I need to turn in money by?

More information on this soon.

How can people give?

Giving online is the easiest. At mobilization.org/give there is a place for them to select your name to invest in your ministry account. We will also provide a Donor Card for participants to hand out with giving instructions for online or mail-in options.

How do we buy plane tickets?
Our plan is to buy all the plane tickets together toward the end of February. That is one reason there are deadlines for turning in portions of the overall amount needed per student. Buying our tickets all together through a travel agency ensures us getting the best price possible as well as the ability for us to all travel together.
What about visas and passports?

You need a current passport that is valid until January 1, 2021. If you don’t have an updated passport we will direct you on how to get it and you will cover that expense.

We will get the visa for you. Therefore, we will need your passport by March 1.

Will I get eaten by a lion?

Not in the city of Nairobi. On the safari, as long as you stay in the jeep you will also be safe. ?

Do I need immunizations or shots?

Kenya does not require you to have any shots to enter the country. The CMM recommends that you are up to date on your tetanus shot and routine vaccinations such as MMR, polio, etc. The Center for Disease Control recommends a Hepatitis A shot. We will not be in a Yellow Fever at-risk part of Kenya.
Visit: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/kenya or call us if you want more detailed information.

If I have more questions who should I contact?
For questions about the project, contact Ethan Edwards. For parental or pastoral questions, contact Titus Hofer, CMM Personnel Director, 800-595-4881.

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