CMM Missionary House


Help furnish our missionary house by April 5


Help love on our missionaries and frontier mobilizers by giving through our registry, sponsoring a room, becoming a monthly partner, or providing funding for a missionary vehicle. Your contributions will help a missionary’s time back in America feel warm and welcoming. With 120 frontier mobilizers and a total of 70 kids, the missionary house will be a blessing to many. We have our first guests coming the second week of April!

The missionary house is a part of our new International Headquarters.


Give through our registry

Help furnish our rooms with practical gifts from $5 to $200. Consider essential bedroom and kitchen items first. Check out our registry! If you’d like a tax deductible receipt for any gifts, just email us.

Sponsor a room or decoration

Grill and Patio


What says welcome back to Arkansas more than burgers in the backyard!

Playground Set


Bless our missionary kids with toys and a fun place to play.



We are blessed to have 3 bedrooms to furnish with beds and dressers at $2,000 per room.

Towels and Linens


Help us fill up the linen closets and make the beds for their weary heads.

Decor and Pictures


Our staff decorators have some beautiful decor to make a happy and relaxing home.

Dining Table and Chairs


Bless our families with a place to have a family meal in their home away from home.

Missionary Home Office


Coming back to the USA still means there is work to do. Bless our staff with office furniture and a sleeper sofa.

Living Room Furniture


Help provide couches and chairs to rest and recoup in. We even have a fireplace!

Become a Monthly Partner


Home and Vehicle Maintenance

Most of our visiting staff families are still paying rent overseas, so we want to bless them with free housing and transportation. We are asking God to provide several monthly partners who will give towards the ongoing costs of utilities, cleaning, stocking the fridge, and keeping the car running.

Missionary Vehicle


Consider making a significant investment in our international workers by providing a late model mini-van. Transportation is one of the hardest things for our staff to find when coming back to the USA, especially for larger families. If you have a late model mini-van you’d like to donate, can give the full $15,000, or wish to give another amount towards this car, we’d be grateful!

New CMM International Headquarters

In August 2018, the Lord provided an incredible opportunity to move our CMM International Headquarters to a church property in Fayetteville, just a mile from the college campus. Only a few months earlier, we found ourselves facing the tripling of our rent or finding a new headquarters, as our landlord had sold to new developers with plans to renovate. After much searching and prayer, God provided a 4.25 acre church property with a 14,000 sqft church building and a 2,200 sqft house on the property.

Since last August, we’ve been renovating the church to become a mission training center and our offices for our 30 headquarters staff which provide the infrastructure for our global ministry. In the past 6 months, God has provided over $850,000 for our $1.1 Million budget for the purchase and renovation of it all. We were able to move into the new offices in February 2019, and many groups including a collegiate church have been using our training center. We are still trusting God and seeking partners to help us raise the final $250,000.

The missionary house renovation was made possible by a generous local church who has partnered with our staff and ministry for decades. They understand the critical need to provide care for the staff and families we send out to the front-lines to advance God’s Kingdom across the face of the earth. They gave $125,000 to renovate the dilapidated house into a beautiful home. Now we are weeks away from welcoming some of our staff into this new home in April. We hope you will consider partnering with us to provide the furnishings for the the home. Check out this video in which Steve Shadrach explains the transition to our new headquarters and how you can be a part of how God is moving us into this new space.

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